Simmering Sunsets, and other stories …

Tonight’s inciweb report indicates the fire grew quite a bit, despite the 1/4 inch of rain, last night. It is now up to 13,410 acres. Also, containment has been downgraded to 80%. In 3 days, we’ve managed to go from 97% contained down to 80%. Chalk — the ever ready fire!! Movement is expected to continue in the Hare, Limekiln, and Gamboa Canyons for the next 72 hours. Most recent (8 pm) update indicates 6.9 miles of line to build. (Huh? Not 7?) Remember for days now, miles of line to build has been n/a.

Driving down the coast late this afternoon, I witnessed an odd phenomena. The coast was shrouded in fog. Out in the ocean, the sparkles showed me a small opening in the fog, from which the sparkles came.

To me, the interesting or more concerning bit of smoke is there, coming out of the fog. My guess is that is the smoke I photographed from Limekiln Bridge.

Another interesting phenomena tonight. This was a reflection of the already-set sun in the sky. The only thing I can think of which might reflect back like this is moisture of some sort.

If I can get a decent night photograph, I will post it this evening. If not, reporting will continue tomorrow.

One thought on “Simmering Sunsets, and other stories …

  1. Awesome picture of the ocean fog and sparkles of light through it.

    I slept through last night & no check in. I was surprised that you got a tiny bit of rain but the fire had grown less contained.

    It feels like rain is coming.

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