Notes from the Hermitage

While I was at the meeting, Gordon McKendry had three photos sent to me that were taken from the Hermitage early this morning, around 3:30 am and later this afternoon. THANKS GORDON, and Jon Michael C who sent them on. These are truly spectacular!! Unfortunately, the one with the cross silhouetted against the fire, came through as “null.” Whatever that means, but the two below are still outstanding!!

Oh, and Gordon wants everyone to know, the fire was NOT as close as it looks in these photographs.

Chapel Fire

Driveway Burn

And as I drove by to check on the Hermitage after the meeting, I found this at the bottom of the highway. I could see, but not get good photographs, of the fire trucks on the road up to the Hermitage.

And here is the view of the firing operation from On Top of the World:

And finally, tonight’s update.


Fire Statistics


Acres burned: 15,359

Miles of fireline to build: 7.5 

Date started: 9/27/08 (evening)

Percent contained: 80%

Expected containment: 11/01/2008   

Firefighter injuries to date: 17

Structures threatened: 49   

Structures destroyed:  0

Suppression cost to date: $18.8M 


Firefighting Resources


Crews: 6

Engines: 28

Helicopters: 12   

Air tankers:  10 

Dozers: 5

Total personnel assigned: 633



Current Status: The firing operation along the pre-existing dozer line just east of the Camaldoli Hermitage, continued today as planned and was very successful. As of 6:00pm this evening, the firing was down to about 200 feet from Highway 1. In the Limekiln State Park area, the fire continues to back down slowly.

In the northern peak of the fire, permission was requested and granted by the USDA Forest Service Regional Office to allow a dozer line to be constructed in the wilderness. This request was made in order to tie in the upper portion,   where the firing operation began, continuing in a northeast direction along a ridge ahead of the fire and tying into the Gamboa Trail. The dozers successfully completed the line at 6:30 this evening.

Tonight crews will continue to hold and support the firing operations. Structure protection continues in Limeklin State Park and the Hermitage. Firefighter and public safety continue to be the highest priority.

That’s it for tonight, folks. I’m going to have dinner, enjoy a glass of wine, and watch a movie. Have a good evening!

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