Chalk Update, 10/21/08, Day 25

See evening update at bottom of this post.

Here is the photo from the Hermitage from yesterday morning approximately 3:30 am that I was unable to post last night:

Thanks,  Jon Michael Cappadona who both took this, and last night’s two, and who teleported it across the canyons a few miles to Top of the World, via cyberspace. Sometimes technology is a great thing! Jon Michael said he would send more photos today, if the opportunity arose.

The fire is reported as 15,359 acres and 80% contained. (No change from last night’s report.) Costs are up to $19M. Whew, hope they catch the person who started this!

The projected fire movement is: 

12 hours: Fire expected to move across Lime Kiln Canyon and tie in with the Burning Operation. Fire is also expected to continue slow movement North of Twin Peak to Gamboa Ridge. Growth potential to the North driven by terrain.
24 hours: Fire expected to hold at Dozer line adjacent to The Hermitage Road. Fire is also expected to slowly move North of Twin Peak, to Gamboa Ridge. Growth potential to the North driven by terrain.
48 hours: Fire expected to hold at Gamboa Ridge.
72 hours: Fire expected to stay within containment lines.

I will post any additional photos I get today from the Hermitage, or from my view On Top of the World, if we get any decent ones. I am heartened to know that oblates from as far away as Austria, are following the situation with the Hermitage. (see comment on About BigSurKate)

Mark Readdie, of Big Creek Reserve reports this morning: “Three helicopters are looping to the ocean and back up to the fire. They are coming down over Highlands Ridge, right over my house in the canyon and picking up water at Oystercatcher Pt, Potter’s beach and Gamboa Pt. Then flying up Vicente Canyon. They come over about every 8-10 minutes.” Dr. Readdie’s Big Creek blog is linked in my blog roll to the right.

Inciweb was updated around 10:30 am, despite claims it would only be updated once a day, in the evening. This is a part of what is being reported:

“Continue firing operation along the Hermitage Road to the south. A coastal buffer zone of natural vegetation (minimum of 300′) is being left in order to protect Highway 1 from future winter storm activity. Contingency dozer line at the north edge of Lime Kiln State Park is being completed today. This line will protect the Hermitage and Lime Kiln areas. Preparation for possible burning along this line continues to progress. Approval received for the construction of dozer line from apex medi-vac helispot north to Gamboa ridge.

Hold the fire along dozer line adjacent to the Hermitage Road. Complete dozer line from apex medi-vac helispot north to Gamboa Ridge. Construct handline from Gamboa Ridge east to natural barrier at Twin Peak. Prepare dozer line in DIV Y for possible firing operation from apex medi-vac helispot west to Morning Glory. Protect structures in the Hermitage and Lime Kiln State Park. Monitor fire movement to the north of Cone Peak in order to protect line from Cone Peak to Twin Peak.”

Here is a photo sent to me this afternoon by Rick Lesser of the Hermitage. This is the Twitchell Flats line, going up toward Twin Peak.

This is what Rick said: “Here’s more for you if you can use ’em. I just came up the Hermitage road before  noon and took these shots from the lookout point. Twitchell Flats has a burn going west of the break the crews put in last week up to Twin Peak. Lime Kiln Canyon much less smoky than yesterday when they did the burn along the wide break above and east of the Hermitage that they’d first cut last June. The burn, well controlled, went all the way down the break to, and then below, our road. Crew members and captains all say the burn is going very well and as planned.

Thanks for the great job you’re doing for us all.
Rick Lesser” 

USFS EVENING UPDATE: “Today crews were challenged by three spot fires on the north flank of the fire, but line was completed around all of them.  The firing operation on the west side of the fire was completed today and crews now have the opportunity to build control line immediately adjacent to the fire.  At the lower elevation in Limekiln State Park, higher humidity has slowed the fire’s movement and crews are monitoring the fire’s progression.  Tonight crews will continue to hold and mop up any hot spots. Structure protection will continue in the Hermitage and Limekiln State Park areas.”

And here is one from the Hermitage taken today around 11 am, also by Jon Michael Cappadona. He says: “The attached images are of a fire moving up from Limekiln toward Cone Peak.  There was a lot of fire activity between Cone Peak and the hermitage driveway today, as well.”




3 thoughts on “Chalk Update, 10/21/08, Day 25

  1. I know you said these pictures aren’t on top of the Hermitage, but they sure look omnious. Like the fires of hell trying to disturb the station of the cross. Gordon’s photos as well as your’s Kate speak for themselves.

  2. thanks for all the real-time updates, Kate. you help keep us all connected, no matter where we are at the present moment. Love to all my brothers and sisters at the Hermitage!
    “Just another Oblate”

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