Fires, Floods, Elections

While I have been paying attention to the election, my blog has not. Too many other things to pay attention to. But now, with the election just around the corner, and many of my lawyer friends leaving in the next few days to be impartial observers in key states around the nation, it is time to chime in.

I have very strong views about what is right with this election, and what is wrong. However, my strongest view is that we need the largest turnout in the history of voting next Tuesday. Everyone who is registered to vote needs to exercise that power and responsibility, please. It is important.

Also, several weeks ago, I discovered one of the most delightful blogs:

Margaret doesn’t write, but Helen does. Helen is 82 years old, living in Texas, and best friends with Margaret for 60 years. Her grandson helped her start this blog a year and a half ago. She is witty, insightful, and opinionated. She has had a lot to say about this election, particularly Ms. Palin. If you want a good laugh, go see her blog. SNL, Rose O’Donnel, and many others have linked to her. I want to see her reach 1,000,000 hits by Election Day. She’s at 667,000 currently, so pass the word. You won’t regret it!

Oh, and she is listed in my blog roll to the right, if you forget how to find her.

3 thoughts on “Fires, Floods, Elections

  1. Kate, down here we rely on John Lindsey from PG&E for weather along the SLO Co. coast. You can subscribe to a daily update at PGEweather (at) just enter ‘subscribe’ in the subject line.

    Glad to see the blog is continuing. You always have interesting things to say!


  2. The importance of voting has increased since before Bush et al went up to election, until it is now CRITICAL. And not only voting, but speaking out, especially to anyone who is “undecided” (how COULD anyone BE that this time??). Being back and forth between Dallas, Texas (where I am now) and the West Coast the last 3 years has given me an interesting view of what’s on the public mind. I gotta say that the people who are convinced that their way is the RIGHT way, are very convinced, very rich and very powerful, and will pretty much stop at nothing to have their way become/continue to be THE WAY for us all. I am thinking it will take much action BEYOND the election to change/save anything. I am preparing myself for that work…probably here (Dallas) in the ‘trenches’. God help me!

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