State Park closure update, 2/12

From the Big Sur Chamber of Commerce:

“According to Matt Fuzie, District Superintendent for the Big Sur sector of the California Department of Parks and Recreation, there is a significant possibility that Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park will not be able to re-open the campground and day use areas as planned by Memorial Day Weekend due to the temporary and on-going cessation of the contract for the new bridge.  Until such time as the budget is passed in Sacramento and bond funds are freed up, the contractor will not be able to re-commence work. At the very least, the planned re-opening is likely to be significantly delayed into the summer season based on the current work interruption and in a worst case scenario it may be well after the summer season before the park re-opens the campground.
The campground has 200 sites and combined day use and camper population is approximately 1,000 people per day, every day during the summer season.
A Sacramento State economic study, commissioned by the California State Department of Parks and Recreation, determined that the economic multiplier for local communities with state parks was approximately $7 to $11 per every $1 spent in the park.  Additionally, with the existing closures of most of the various park and wilderness areas along the Big Sur coast due to the Basin Complex and Chalk Hill fires, Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park’s continued closure in our summer season and beyond would have an outsized affect and virtually eliminate one of the most important reasons many travelers have to visit our area.
Currently, the best option available to the Department of Parks and Recreation is to find funding to re-install/replace the old Bailey bridge adjacent to the Highway 1 by Memorial Day, and thus allow access to the campground even if the new bridge project is still in limbo or incomplete.  There is enormous competition from communities and interest groups across the state for what scarce state dollars are available, thus we need to make a compelling case that the benefits of the park being open significantly outweigh the cost of an interim bridge.”

One thought on “State Park closure update, 2/12

  1. Does anyone know how much is needed to finish the bridge? Having a figure to work with might help.

    My thoughts are with all of you there in this trying time. These set-backs must be very depressing. It is hard here too (Dallas, Texas)…and even scarier as this urban environment is cracking up: people here in “consumer central” rely on their ‘buying power’ to give them status in the world, and as it dries up, they are panicing…crime is off the charts, drivers are out of control, and people are suffering.

    Keep up your spirits…LOVE one another…and remember that LIFE is BIG and STILL FULL OF BEAUTY, TRUTH, and POSSIBILITY!!!

    It’s probably hard to think of this, but now would be a good time to have get-togethers and keep connected….a good way to remind one another that you are all ‘still’ amazing people and Big Sur is still your beautiful home.

    And……KEEP DANCING!!!

    Much Love to you all….

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