Storm Watch, 2/18

Nothing to report, other than rain totals, which I’ll get to shortly. Looks like I’ll see the sunrise in a few minutes, for a change, and have a nice quiet day for working.

Big Sur weathered these series of storms well, and came out of them in remarkable shape, due in no small part to the planning and preparations of Cal-Trans. We all owe them a debt of gratitude. Remarkable work, everyone!

One thought on “Storm Watch, 2/18

  1. ‘under a comforter, if you don’t, with at least one dog next to you, and a book in your lap.’ Thats where I was alright! (add the 3 cats into the equasion too) LOL

    This morning its wet and clear, but cold out.

    Hope the family matters aren’t really bad and get sorted out soon. }}}HUG{{{

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