Big Sur State Park Closure update

Friday’s Pine Cone has an article by Kelly Nix re the bridges in Big Sur State Park. 


If interested, read the article, but here I offer you my take, after following this budget fiasco closely for the last month.

Despite the budget, there is real uncertainty about when payments will start up again for many of us state independent contractors. I have had a “mere” $7500 – that’s 2 and 1/2 months of expenses – sitting up in the controllers office for just a couple days shy of a month now, and despite the budget, there is no word on when I will get paid. Not only that, but in May, when some of the budget items must go to the  voters, yet another stalemate may ensue. 

So, at this time, there is no guarantee, and in fact, there is a significant possibility that the Big Sur State Park may NOT open for Memorial Day weekend. All we can do is contact our state legislators and make our voices heard, and I urge ALL of you to do so, particularly visitors who love this place as much as we do.

Kirk Gafill, the Big Sur Chamber of Commerce President is asking all local businesses to fill out a survey about how their businesses would be affected by this closure, and if you have not done so, please fill it out and send it to Kirk.

Those of you who normally stay in the park, if it is not open, come anyway. There are other campgrounds, private campgrounds that will be open, but I suggest you contact them NOW for your summer reservations, because if the state does not open its doors, the private campgrounds will fill up fast. Don’t forget, there are rooms that can be filled too, and if possible, consider a weekday trip, rather than weekend. If you don’t know where to stay, click on the Big Sur Chamber of Commerce link to the right under Big Sur non-profits, and they have links to all the visitor-serving businesses in Big Sur. Our local businesses really need your support after all the loss of income due to the Summer of Fire, 2008.

Now is the time to make your summer plans for your visit, especially if the State Park does not open in time for summer visitors.

2 thoughts on “Big Sur State Park Closure update

  1. Kate… Thanks for keeping us up to date and Thanks to Kelly Nix for her article. Hopefully Big Sur State Park will have the bridge finished in time, but if not people will see what you’ve said and set up reservations elsewhere. I heard Ventana Inn’s commercial on TV the other night and it seems they will be offering ‘specials’ etc… maybe that’s a good idea for the other businesses in the Sur. 🙂

  2. I know the River Inn has a number of dinner specials, like all you can eat shrimp, I think on Friday night for $8, locals night, and a Mexican dinner night, also $8. So deals right now are all over Big Sur.

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