Two matters of interest for you

First, the closure near the SLO will be back in effect on Monday, Jan. 4th at 8 pm until 5 am, and will continue on that schedule until 5 am on Friday the 8th. That one week project is entering its third week, and may continue the entire month of January. See Cal-Trans page for further details.

Second, reader Paul Saffo pointed me to this one. The USPS announced its new stamps for 2010. Here is one:

The Bixby Creek Bridge stamp, featuring a bridge in California, is the subject of the 2010 Express Mail stamp. The stamp goes on sale Feb. 3.

$18.30 for express mail? Jeez. I certainly won’t be buying this stamp, unless it is to add to my old stamp collection!

4 thoughts on “Two matters of interest for you

  1. Whose initial image is this? I wonder. Not being a stamp collector, I’d rather get a copy, or poster, of the image itself.

  2. The announcement from the post office, carried in the Washington Post did not say. However, in looking at the USPS site, it said this: “This Express Mail stamp features a color digital illustration of Bixby Creek Bridge in California, by Dan Cosgrove of Clarendon Hills, Illinois.” Perhaps if you google him, you might find a way to contact him.

  3. Dan’s reply to my query:
    “I’m glad you like the art. You would have to contact the Post Office about posters,
    but as far as I know I don’t think they have made it into a poster.”

    …so the USPS must own the image now. His website displays many of his beautiful commercial graphics. Nothing noted as for sale as reproductions.

  4. Thanks, Sue. I checked out his website, too — like you say, quite beautiful graphic images.

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