Racing an Airship down the Coast and other stories

When we pulled into the left-hand turn pocket at Rio Rd. to go south on Highway One this afternoon, we spotted Snoopy, the airship out over the ocean.

When we got to Monastery Beach, I realized it was a race down the coast, between us and him. We were neck-and-neck. I went to take a photograph. My ever present camera was buried in the back, and I couldn’t get to it. Drats.

I said, “Let’s beat him to Hurricane Point, we can jump out of the car, run to the back and get my camera, and I will get his photograph.”

That’s just what happened. We let him pass us, and I grabbed a couple shots. Then he said, “Okay, we can catch him coming out of the Little Sur River, goin’ up.” “Hit it,” I said.

And so we did. Then it was, “Hey, I can catch him going over the Pt. Sur Lighthouse. That would be so cool! Step on it.” And so he did …

To be continued …

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