Missing Man & Structure Fire

Two items this morning and then this evening I have the post ready for Shale Point repairs.

First, I have been asked by the SLO community to provide an update on the search for George Carpenter. The search will continue today, weather allowing. Horses are not being used because the brush is to thick. One person has asked about a “locals” search and rescue. A couple of our best locals are on the search team, but no, there is no separate “locals” search, but everyone is keeping an eye out, everywhere they go. Monterey County Search & Rescue is very good. My understanding from the “Find George Carpenter” page on FB is that rescue dogs specifically trained for this type of search are being used, which is why Scooter has not been taken up there, but that may change.

Second, Jo Chapman’s house burned down last night. Bixby Ridge, Trotter built house. Sad to hear. Current owner is reported by KION as John Moon. Video shows the house burned literally to the ground I don’t have any further information this morning.

6 thoughts on “Missing Man & Structure Fire

  1. John Moon was Alan Funt’s long time caretaker. Sorry to hear about Jo’s house – she was quite the character in her day according to stories I’ve heard about her.

  2. I hope they find him. As far as a locals only search. One needs to be very careful on who is searching. The current road conditions and weather should allow only those that have the ability to traverse these dangerous/unpredictable roads and may have to spend a night or two.

  3. Thank you Kate and Gary. We, the family, are very very concerned about anyone else getting hurt, lost or traumatized. We believe that George was likely doing what he loved – hiking and rock hounding. And we are not hopeful that he would have survived this long in the wilderness. And we don’t want anyone else at risk. Thank you.

  4. I’m really sorrow to hear about Jo Chapman’s house burning down. I well remember being up there for a BS Historical Society meeting not that many years ago — and Jeff Norman (of course) regaling us with stories. Hope that John and Suzy are getting through this as well as they can. Any word on them?

  5. Has anyone heard from Christopher Jauernick Wirey Austrian.….Lived off road up in Palo…He called his friend Alex H, and said that the fire had come within a thousand feet of his house, but he was OK…after that he has not been heard from, and cannot be reached, I’m assuming that the phone lines are down.

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