Search for Geo. Carpenter to resume

KION reported tonight that the search for 74-year-old George Carpenter, missing since 12/23/09, whose Jeep was found on Saturday near Lion’s Den, and whose dog showed up at a home on Los Burros last Wednesday, will resume on Sunday, January 31st. San Luis Obispo paper confirms this report. Article here
With weather clearing, what I don’t understand is why searchers are waiting until Sunday. Why not tomorrow, Thursday, January 28th? The family feels as if George, a rockhound, may be investigating old mining claims in our area.

5 thoughts on “Search for Geo. Carpenter to resume

  1. Having spent the last 10 years there at the Melville site I will go today and see if I can find anything and if nothing else offer prayer for him and family. It would be easy to fall or get lost on the back road going down to the mine there, but Roberta would know that road, I think… Sr Rosemarie

  2. I was down in Big Sur today (Friday) visiting friends, finding chanterelles, checking out the river damage – a nice, mellow day and it occured to me it would be a fine day to be looking for George.I see that his family say they don’t want anyone hurt but waiting until Sunday is way too casual/cautious.

  3. I’ve spent the day with Lion’s Den in view on the Melville site. About a year or two ago an old timer came by with some equipment to search for gold nuggets. He was about 75 so I don’t know if it is the same person. He said he comes after the first rains and was looking down the back road. The manager of Gorda store remarked that he might have found a cabin and there is an old one at the base of the road. A search team is coming tomorrow so I will show them. But if it is any comfort to the family there is no more glorious place on earth to take leave of the body than there.
    “May flights of angels lead you on your way
    To paradise, and heav’n’s eternal day!
    May loved ones greet you after death’s dark night,
    And bid you enter into heaven’s light!
    May choirs of angels sing you to your rest
    With knowledge you are cared for now and evermore…”

  4. Many thanks to you both! We are deeply appreciative. Our concerns are for those who don’t know their way around or are unfamiliar with hiking in the area. Thank you for your efforts and words of comfort!

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