Highway One Closure update, 3/6/10

1:30 pm – CHP is advising the road is closed, per their website.

10:30 am – CT is escorting vehicles through the slide near Gamboa Point, per CHP. Unknown how long the wait. One local reported waiting at the Villa slide yesterday for 2 hours. Another local reported this: “BIG slide last night south of Big creek driveway and north of Cirlce M ranch.We had to go back to town and down thru Liggett to get home.”

8:30 am – the CHP still has no ETO for the opening of the road.

7:00 am – As of midnight last night, the CHP reports the rock slide to the north of us at mile marker 26, which is just south of Gamboa Point. This is where the construction is going on and has been going on for quite some time. CHP arrived on the scene about 12:47 this am.

The second slide is at mile marker 7, just north of the construction at Shale Point. This is the one I, and Danny Millsap (on his images names), refer to as Villa Slide. Currently, the only way out is up over Nacemiento-Fergusson Rd. through Ft. Hunter Liggett, if there are no slides on that road. I have not heard. Hopefully the slide near Gamboa Point will get cleared today.

No rain here last night, thank goodness.

I will report throughout the day, as information becomes available, and this afternoon, more shots of the slide to the south. If I am lucky, I will get photos of the one at Gamboa Point, also.

5 thoughts on “Highway One Closure update, 3/6/10

  1. This is a little late but I just read the road has some issues. I drove down the south coast in the pouring teaming rain on 3/3/10 in the evening and it was hell on wheels but I made it home to Atascadero by 8:05pm. Just want to say two things. One our road crew is magnificent and I was able to follow the plow and get through the bad parts just south of Esalen and Lucia but the second thing is : the yahoo who was tailgating me on that wild and wooley stretch of the coast just south of Gorda needs a reality check. The rocks were rolling and the rain was almost blindingly heavy and the water noise was deafening, and just one poorly placed rock can maroon a person, me, on the desolate coast of Big Sur in the night, so please don’t tailgate and go too fast in a storm. One rock can take you out!

  2. Kate,
    Taking a moment to reflect, I want to pass on to you a word of appreciation for all that you have done. with a computer and a generator, you have connected all of us who live and work around the South Coast like nobody else! Your collection of valuable information has far surpassed anything the “official” sources could produce or even approach. My job and MY LIFE have depended on careful decisions and actions that require the best quality of raw information…and you have been the “golden source”. I know that I am not alone. There are so many who commend you for all your altruistic efforts. In the “old days” it was the CB radios…which are sadly long-gone. So know how much I and so many others appreciate your angelic efforts!
    Thank you and God bless you,
    David Allan

    BTW-Awesome photos that speak volumes. May the Jade Spirits bless Danny Milsap and Ralphie always.

  3. What happened to Ralph!!!..and Danny. Thank you Kate for all that you do. Our lives depend on right information and your site has provided that for me and all of us. I have heard nothing of these closures from Caltrans yet…maybe because it’s the weekend. God bless you Kate and keep you safe. oxoxox

  4. hi kate,
    i’ve been on-line trying to find the results for the chanterelle cook-off results and came across your site. My friend chris from gorda springs was one of the chefs. i used to live in pacific grove and my family still resides there so my interset for the penninsula is still present. you have a great site and your dilligence for the knowledge and safety of others is a rare quality. keep being you!
    pike’s peak, colorado

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