Slide Report, 3/6/10

These are the photos taken at the various slides yesterday and today, particularly, Villa Slide, Lucia, and Big Creek. They are not finished slippin’ and slidin’ and puking. All 3 are extremely active, very dangerous, and potentially deadly at night. I’m not a meteorologist. I’m not a slide specialist. I am merely a gal who is growing old here in Big Sur, and after 25 years, the last 20 on the South Coast, I have seen a bit. I would not be out on this road after dark tonight or any night in the foreseeable future.

I am publishing this post unfinished, and will be adding more and more photographs through out the evening. I have photos from yesterday and today from Rock Knocker and Avis Latone is sending me some she took of Villa Slide this afternoon, as well.

These two are Avis’s photos from this afternoon. Compare to the ones Rock Knocker took yesterday and this morning. Cal-Trans is truly faced with a Sisyphus task! And they are up to it!

Bringing it down before it slides down!

So, from South to North — Villa Slide. These first few were taken yesterday, by Rock Knocker.

Danny Millsap sent me a similar photo yesterday, but I did not quite understand what I was seeing, until Rock Knocker explained it. All these rocks came down from the top. They are not placed there by man, although that is what it looks like, they were placed there by Mother Nature in all her glory!

This one that follows is from today at Villa Slide, also by Rock Knocker:

Here is one from the Lucia slip out from yesterday, also by Rock Knocker:

Oh, and then there is “Paul’s Slide” the fourth area of concern. This one has been around for a long time. It is south of Lucia, but before Pitkin’s Curve. It is mostly mud, but hazardous none-the-less. This was taken yesterday by Rock Knocker:

Here are the ones Rock Knocker took today at Lucia:

This monster is going north, through the Lucia slip out to the slide JSO of Big Creek. You’ll see why, when we make our way north.

Now, we head to Big Creek and see what happened there today…LOTS

This is that monster that was coming through Lucia. It is a type of hammer. It is going to break up that rock.

Watching for the slides …

7 thoughts on “Slide Report, 3/6/10

  1. Holy shiznit!!!
    Those are some big rocks. Checked the NWS radar and
    So. Cal is still getting poured upon. The Biggest shot is right on top of Tijuana! I’ll send in a satellite photo of the storm down there (and here, to a degree as well)

  2. Kate,

    I did get a big laugh when I went through the Villa slide about 3ish on Friday. Right in the middle of it was Ralph with a camera and a big grin! Retired? Old dog; old tricks!

  3. Always was grateful for those Cal-trans guys who risked their well-being to clear the highway. Amazing work!

  4. Great Photos! Thanks to Ralph & Avis!! Yes, Big Sur Cal Trans Employees always did work hard during the winter & put themselves in harms way more than a few times!! Jim did this for 34yrs.!! They don’t just drink coffee, like a lot of folks would have you think!!

  5. Hey Kate!
    I run a hotel down in Cambria and your site has been a big help the last two days. People from around the country are wondering why they can’t drive up north so I just pull up your page and show them some pictures! They’ve all decided to take the 101….Thanks Again!

  6. I’m not sure why I’m so fascinated by the goings on at Big Sur – half way round the world for me. You guys have your own brand of battling with nature. Big trees often come down across our roads here especially when it’s windy but we don’t usually have bits of mountain sliding down on top of us! That last shot is nerve-wracking! I wouldn’t want that job but how fantastic that someone does 🙂

  7. Hi Kate, seeing the CalTrans and their loaders working the slides, brings to mind that Jonathan McQueen did work for CalTrans, in designing a remote control loader, and or buldozer, to be used on active and very dangerous slides… Wonder what ever happened to that project,,,, anyone out there know ???

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