Road Closures, again?

5:30 am – (if it is dark, isn’t it conceptually the same night?) CHP is no longer reporting a slide at Big Creek, if one existed, but they have sent a unit at 5:01 am down to Alder Creek due to closure, and are reporting that one on their website.

10:00 pm – CHP website reported at 8:30 pm that Big Creek is closed again due to another slide? Yes, Cal-Trans did clear it, and it was open today, but that may have changed, once again. The entry by CHP is rather contradicting, as Stan Russell points out. Mother Nature can be a fickle mistress when stressed. Can’t we all?

One reader reports that at 10:30 this evening, a friend drove from Esalen to Lucia and there *is* NO closure at Big Creek. CHP may be “closing” the road in terms of the sign at Rio Rd., but at least one report is that it is open. BTW, I have received two reports that there are two confusing signs at Rio Rd. re status of road.

Also a report from a reader, “…[S}ome small rocks and gravel were falling on the road this evening just north of Soberanes, actively moving when I came home from my mom’s just now.” (Also reported at 10 pm)

I must admit to a bit of exhaustion tonight from being a one-person newsroom. Thanks for your understanding. Can I go to bed, now?

One thought on “Road Closures, again?

  1. I am longing for the quieter days of spring, when flooding and mudslides are over, and wildfires have not yet started. I think I don’t want to know anymore or post anymore tonight, just curl up with a good book under a down comforter, and ride it out.

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