Road Open at Alder Creek Slide

9:30 am – Cal-Trans just issued their official update on the Alder Creek Slide. In part it says:


MONTEREY COUNTY – Hwy. 1 just south of Gorda (Alder Creek Slide) is fully open during the daytime hours from 7 am to 6 pm. The road will close again overnight tonight from 6 pm to 7 am.

As of 7:10 am, per the CHP website, the road is now fully open, with no traffic control and no delays. I have still not received the “official” word from Cal-Trans, but this one looks like a good bet, based on reports I have been hearing the last few days. No significant rain last night to change that. At 9 am, it is 35 degrees outside, and 49 inside. I am working to change that later figure as fast as possible.

The next storm is predicted to arrive Friday, bringing about 3/4 of an inch of rain to the Santa Lucia Mtns. then we are in for about a week of clear weather. Hallelujah! I am turning into a mushroom!

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  1. Hi Kate,

    Great site, I’m really digging on some of the photos as well!!! I’ve driven that stretch of Highway 1 too many times to count and it can be a little daunting for the uninitiated (Yahoo reported not too long ago that Big Sur Hwy 1 to be one of the most dangerous highways in America) so I have a little writeup that may help some of your readers. Check it out here:

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