You be the judge – new Spring header

Here are the photos for the new Spring header, March photo contest. You get to choose what you see for the next 3 months. Each photo has a number, you choose which one you like best by voting the number on the poll at the end of these photographs. These are numbered in the order received. After voting is complete, and the winner announced, I will post the names of all the photographers and the place taken or depicted of all photographs.









Now, vote for your favorite. Only one vote per reader, please, (I think the poll is actually set up to only allow one vote per computer) and the votes are completely anonymous, even to me!

8 thoughts on “You be the judge – new Spring header

  1. I got two more stunning shots, that I wish I had gotten earlier, but the voting had already started. Both shots are non-seasonal, so I’ve collected them for the next contest. Maybe I’ll have to have one in Summer, rather than use on of my own? Or should I alternate, and have another contest in Fall, as originally conceived? What do you think?

  2. PS Just saw your note about contests, above. I think you could run a summer one. You could always like 6 weeks of the contest winner and 6weeks of yours. You could have a virtual “symphony” of photos going on.

  3. I can’t believe 4 is ahead – that could be anywhere in the world!
    It doesn’t say “Big Sur” to me.

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