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First, the voting on the new Spring Header photo is going great! Keep it up. This tells me I need to see about doing these more than twice a year, and am strongly considering that option. We love seeing the work of all sorts of photographers of our beloved coast. Voting continues until March 19th at midnight, so make your voice heard!

Second, after 19 months since the creation of this blog, I have finally added a new author, my friend, fellow blogger, and long-time Big Surian, Avis Latone, aka bigsurwoman. She has agreed to come on board to assist me if I find myself out for a while, for whatever reason. She is a very busy woman, running the store at Lucia Lodge, doing her own photography, and her own blog, so I don’t expect her to post often, but I AM hoping that she will chime in occasionally with her own perspective on the news, events, and what it means to live here in God’s country. It might be fun for her to create a new page about working the tourist trade – it can be funny, sometimes. Like the questions they ask. “Does this road ever straighten out?” “Are we above sea level?” Welcome, Avis!

Lastly, I finally completed the History Spotlight for April, and it will be posted on April 1st (and no, not as an April Fool’s Day joke). It is different than what I have offered in the past, but I think you will enjoy it. I have two more in the works, but they both require extensive in-person research, so this feature may have to be bi-monthly.

If you have any suggestions, requests, admonitions, please feel free to post them in the comments below, or send me a private email at

bigsurkate, March 15, 2010

5 thoughts on “bigsurkate news

  1. Thanks for the intro Kate. I think my favorite question is…”What time does the fog lift?” Or “is this fog or smoke?” At any rate, it does help to have a sense of humor and a whole lot of patience!

  2. I love your blog post I told the caltrans workers to check for their photos. WE are hopeing to spend this weekend at Kirk creek campground & try to take our 4wd up to Cone Peak. We have not been up there before is there any info we need & will the road be open to our 4wd? Thanks Wayne

  3. I wrote Wayne privately, but the Cone Peak Rd. gate was locked to the public for the winter, and won’t be open again until the rainy season passes. It suffered some damage, which has mostly been repaired, but wouldn’t expect it to open until rains have passed.

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