Old Redwood

There is a very old Redwood Tree on Plaskett Ridge Road, maybe the oldest here, that has developed in an unusual way, due to losing its top.

Old Redwood

From a distance, it looks like two trees, growing closely together.
Redwood #2

but a closer look reveals it is a branch, from which a vertical branch has grown.
Redwood #3

An even closer look reveals the junction.
Redwood #4

A different perspective.

For some reason, I have always thought of these ancient redwoods as “the grandfathers.” The Quercus lobatas (Valley Oaks) I think of as “the grandmothers.” They teach me whatever I am willing to learn, and are very patient with me.

(All photos courtesy of Rock Knocker)

2 thoughts on “Old Redwood

  1. Love your introspective ,,, the Oaks with their acid soil ,,, can allow the redwoods that need that soil to spread ,,,, remember that it can take 20,000 years to make one inch of the top soil, where you are ,,,, every bit of where you are is very precious ,,, I know that you already understand , that !

  2. I have some lessons to take from the redwoods on being a Grandmother. I’m chuckling……I do my best each day and I do enjoy being with my grand daughter. These are lovely pictures of this redwood. What a unique find in the branches! Love it, Kate!

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