Poppies in Profusion

I went down to the coast today, and the poppies are just amazing. The way I’ve witnessed Spring here is that the wildflowers often start going off at the lower locations and make their way up. Today was “Poppy Day on the Coast” Here are a few I shot.

Poppies #1
Poppies #2
Poppies #3

Poppies #4

Pacific Valley Center, you are looking so good!

I have a special place in my heart for Pacific Valley Center. It is where I landed in April of 1989, when I desperately needed a soft and safe place to fall. This was mine.

3 thoughts on “Poppies in Profusion

  1. wow, so beautiful! I especially love shot #2 – exactly the right depth of field, and beautiful contrast with the delicate flowers and the powerful rock behind. #4 is also lovely. I can smell the salt air.

  2. Nice shots Kate. PV has that special spot for me too. It’s where I landed in the 70’s. And as you know I worked many years there and was there when it burned down. I keep hope that H. H. will get the place running again one day.

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