Just Joey Rose

This sweet guy, my surviving rose, is an incredible producer. Year after year, he hangs tough against gophers, insects, and benign neglect to surprise and delight me.

Just Joey, bud

It starts out as a nice, orange-peach when it is budding …

Blooming Just Joey

…and then lightens to a wonderful peach color. For someone who loves a garden, but doesn’t have time to take care of it, Just Joey is perfect.

Oh, and on a similar note, I discovered a new gopher product today – a “green” gopher product that is non-toxic. It is pricey, but I like the idea, so I ordered one to sample it. If it works as claimed, and I can drive the gophers from my garden, I will be ordering 5 lbs of the stuff! I’ll keep you posted. Gideon and Dakota are both pretty good gopher hunters, but Gideon is still on house arrest for another month.

If you want to check it out (this is not a commercial plug) or are curious, you can find this product here: Gopher Goo

~ by bigsurkate on June 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “Just Joey Rose”

  1. I love this rose. My Mum has one in her garden and it’s true, it thrives on neglect. Most of my gopher knowledge comes from cartoons. It sounds like they’re not as cute as I thought. Do they really eat roses? The shot of the rosebud is particularly beautiful by the way.


  2. Just Joey is one of my favorites. Great shot sweetie.


  3. Thank-you for your info on Just Joey roses. I am not well read on flowers but keep roses in my bed under the bay window in my breakfast area. I have to change out one every couple years because I am not as green a thumb as others and Just Joey might be the thing!


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