Sunset Photography

These photos were taken Monday night, and I have been trying to upload them ever since. I am having undiagnosed internet connection problems, and it is frustrating beyond belief.

You know those days, when one notices the clouds are rather spectacular? You know, sort of like this:

And I knew, this is going to be one of those sunset nights. I mean, We have sunsets every night, and from up here, they are all pretty spectacular. But this one? I had a feeling, this one would be more spectacular than usual. Okay, maybe just simply spectacular. But I got my camera ready, kept an eye on the sky, and started shooting.

One of my challenges, in photographing a sunset series, is the changing light. I can barely keep up with it, changing the speed, the aperature, and the exposure compensation.

Until finally, the light has dimmed so sufficiently, that I must increase the ISO. I always do this last, as it increases the grain – err, the “noise” of the photograph, and that is difficult to address in a software program. Of course, one can always shoot into the sun to increase the light, but that presents its own set of problems.

Wretched lens flare! And yes, I have a hood, and a filter, but shooting directly into the sun is tricky! And I clearly haven’t gotten the hang of it. I sometimes use my hand to shade the lens, but did not, this time.
Of course, once the sun dips below the horizon, this is not a problem.

And finally the sun has slipped beneath the Pacific.

5 thoughts on “Sunset Photography

  1. Oh wow! I feel as though I had the opportunity of sharing this with you! I like that bit of lens flare. If I look at the sunset too long, I see the flare with my naked eye.These are beautiful.

  2. Great shots Kate. The sun disappears behind the Redwoods for me but I too was out there shooting the awesome cloud patterns.

  3. I agree, Mike. My favorite is actually the first one with the clouds, too. As Leslie knows, I am fond of cloud shots. And Avis, okay, let’s see some of those cloud shots, huh?

  4. Firstly, I am so relieved to read that yet another Fire on The Sur has bee brought under Control !! Bravo to The Fire Folk who Fight The Fight.

    And secondly, Thank You for these Sweet Pics of The Sur at Sunset … ever See Enough of this Sight.

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