Dancing with Fog …

Coming up from the coast, to my roost at the top, I get to experience all the subtleties that Big Sur offers.

I start with fog above me.

And then, I get into the fog. I am always amazed at how bright the greens are in the fog.

A little while later, I see the beginnings of the sun peeking through, but fog still settled over all.

Then … I get to the demarcation line. This is a very difficult spot for a photographer, and I haven’t gotten it down, yet. This tree sits right there, where the fog ends and the sun begins. On the left, you can see the fog, on the right, is the blue sky. Today, this tree marked the “spot.”

All photos taken this afternoon (7/29/10) going up Plaskett.

Do not forget. Tomorrow is the BSMAAC meeting, starting at 10 am.

4 thoughts on “Dancing with Fog …

  1. Drip Lines ,,,, fog gives drip lines, that the tree roots love !

    Jeff Norman told me that it takes 20,000 years to make one inch of top soil for these trees.

    Have you taken a long walk in the fog ? A walk the deposites water dew on your eyelashes ? Just, bet that you have !

    Paula liked that occurence, too .

    T Y , for sharing .

  2. Oh the symbolism in this. How dark and gloomy, below, and beautiful and sunny, above! Great post and love the photos, Kate!

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