Smoke on Horizon

UPDATE: This is what a weather guy said in response to my question: “Well, there is always a possibility of a training burn. However, we are getting the same thing in Sonoma County, the persistent marine layer and gusty onshore afternoon winds are just recirculating all the particulates trapped below the heat inversion above 2000 feet. It looks like a fire is burning somewhere, but really not. Get to a high altitude and you will see what I mean. We need a good wind event to scour out the atmosphere.”

It is simply a curiosity, NOT a danger, at this point. I haven’t been able to ascertain where and why, but there is definitely smoke drift on the horizon tonight, and it is not a slight amount, either. Smoke drift can travel long distances, as we all know, and I can see forever. Take a look. Anyone have any information on this?

Smokey Horizon

There is also some smoke settling in the Willow Creek area, but nothing is being reported on WildCAD-LPF, so perhaps it is some distance away. Still, it is strange to see this much drift and not find a mention of it anywhere. Strange, that is all.

This speculation is offered on one of the sites where I posed my question about this: “Kate–glad you mentioned this… while driving down to Sac today from the foothills, it looked like smoke over the Coast Range to the west. Since there is no fire activity to speak of in the LNU or MNF, I am going to wonder out loud…Is there ANY possibility of this smoke coming across the Pacific from the fires in Russia? Any of our weather geeks want to tell me why I am full of you know what?”

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  1. Hi Kate , did you ever wonder what it was like to be a fire look-out at Cone Peak Station ,,,, Gosh , I just bet , You Did !

    It is Very Important , That You Are , Where You Are , When You Are , This Season !!!

    T Y , for being there for all of us ,,,,

  2. I guess that I should have said , that Moma and Baby are Sooo Very Thankful , for You , Too !!!

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