Traffic Fatality at Big Creek

5:30 pm – identification of the badly burned body is still on-going, however, a wallet was found with ID that matched the registration on the vehicle. This information does NOT point to a Big Sur local, but to someone who lives in town.

2:00 pm – KSBY confirms the driver, and sole occupant, of the vehicle died in the accident. There is speculation about who the driver was, but nothing is confirmed at this time.

10:30 am – A vehicle went over the side of the road at Big Creek this morning and caught fire. CHP, MCSO and others on the scene. It is too steep for a cliff & rescue operation, so a 300 ft cable is being brought in, as well as a medical unit. There is not a lot of hope that there are any survivors, but one never knows. There is no indication of a vegetation fire, only a lot of smoke at this time.

5 thoughts on “Traffic Fatality at Big Creek

  1. Kate… Dani & the baby were headed down there just around 10:30am. She was in a black Azuzu Montero. She was supposed to be back here between 1:00 – 1:30pm but hasn’t showed up. Elijah sits in the carseat in the back seat. PLEASE let me know if it was them!!!

  2. Any word on who was killed? It makes me worry. The highway has taken a lot of folks I have known.

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