Climate Whiplash

After days of really hot temps throughout most of California, it was so cold last night, I closed everything down. It is having trouble reaching the 70’s today. The good news is that there was sunshine on the coast, most of the day, although the fog came in and out for a while.

Here is a shot I took earlier.

The Light

7 thoughts on “Climate Whiplash

  1. Oh I like your description–Whiplash. Feel free to send some of that CHILL to the midwest. Lash the climate. Whip the winds. Fry the humans.

  2. That photo looks like one of my most dream-oriented watercolors.
    As for the weather, looks like winter is about to hit Idaho. Temps went from the 100’s to the 30’s! Snow predicted for Sunday night. The wildfires around us are still raging. We will be back in Cali on Tuesday…for me, just in time for teacher’s meetings at the school.

  3. I love this magical photograph so much. I expect at any moment to see a mythical sea creature emerge from the mist. As far as the climate goes – these are crazy times!

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