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*IMPORTANT* There has been some confusion about pedestrian traffic. Cal-Trans has just asked that the ban against it be enforced by the CHP starting NOW. PLEASE do not attempt this until CT opens it up again.

For those of our northern neighbors who are unfamiliar with Cambria or King City, let me offer you the following information. First, there is only one main st – Main St. in Cambria. There are two “villages” – East Village, and West Village. East is the older more established section, and West is the more touristy, gallery section. Secondly, please see Bert Etling’s comment below. He is the editor of the Cambrian and has offered maps and phone books for Big Surians (and others). Cambria is a sweet little community, and as our business owners will recognize, the closure of Highway One will impact this small community, also.

1. As to wifi, there are many free “hot spots.” A favorite restaurant, Linn’s has great food, and wifi. Many other restaurants offer the same. There are two pizza parlors, Main St. Bar and Grill for great burgers, and the best wholesome, healthy food restaurant in town is Robin’s on (?? street), which dead ends at the Bank of America. (The name of this street will come to me, hopefully before I finish this blog post.)

2. Groceries – two grocery stores grace Cambria – Cookie Crock, which is very friendly, lots of parking, and probably used more by us south coasters. A note on this one, they require that they take your cart out for you and help load your groceries in your vehicle, so don’t demand that you do it yourself. The second store is Soto’s which is a bit more pricey but has some excellent food. Both have some organic and natural foods available. Of course, if one plans one’s trip for Friday there is a wonderful, if small, farmer’s market at the Vet’s Hall parking lot from 2:30 pm to 5:00. Lots of fresh, local, organic produce and other goods.

3. Laundromat – there is a laundromat in the Redwood Center and while doing laundry one can have lunch at either of two cafes.

4. The only hardware store left is an Ace in “Tin City.” It is off the main drag, take the same street that Robin’s is on, which deadends at the Bank of America, and go out of the downtown area to the first left up the hill, then down into Tin City – and hardware store will be easy to spot.

5. Pet food is available at Cookie Crock. There is also Hart’s, an animal rescue, but it specializes in cats.

6. If wanting to spend the night, I recommend staying on motel row in San Simeon, rather than Cambria, because it is much cheaper, and I know during the winter and during the week, many of the motels have given Big Sur discounts in the past. The only motel in Cambria which I have stayed in and which is decently priced is the Bluebird on the main drag. It is very nice, and has 4 rooms in the back on the creek with fireplaces that are lovely. Regular rooms as well.

7. Morro Bay is about 20 minutes further on, but has a greater variety of services. Many Cambrians shop and gas up there. There is a Motel 6 that will accept pets at the north end of town off of Highway One and 41. Many other motels, some of which will take pets.

8. King City – there is one decent shopping center. It has a Safeway with excellent prices, an Auto Zone, a CVS pharmacy, a Dollar Store, and other miscellaneous small shops. It is just off Broadway, the first right, easy to find. I have never stayed in King City, so I don’t know about lodging.

South Coasters, feel free to share your favorites, and North Coasters feel free to ask for suggestions. Namasté

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  1. Dear Big Sur Kate,
    Thank you so much for this post as well as all the others. Your blog (and NOAA) are the first places I turn for local info on the web. I am a returning soon-to-be-full-time resident and am finding my way around. Couldn’t have picked a better time to move! The info you provide is a great help.
    Thank you again,

  2. Robin’s is at 4095 Burton Drive (927-5007, http://www.robinsrestaurant.com).
    For tons of Cambria information, including a town map, come by The Cambrian at 2442 Main St., and pick up a free community phone book out of the rack at the left end of the front porch, open 24/7. The 2011 edition will be coming out soon and we have lots of 2010s left, so please take them and use them!
    -Bert, editor, The Cambrian

  3. Bert, you are a doll. Thank you so much for posting all this. I am sure you could add much to my abbreviated tour of Cambria, but I just wanted to get it out asap.

  4. At least they both have restaurants and grocery stores. I haven’t timed it, but I suspect it’s a easier drive to Cambria.

  5. All of the fabulousness I have come to expect, Kate. And thank you too, Bert. I haven’t done much south coast exploring. If I sell a painting I’ll trot down to see all the splendors you describe. What a great place this sounds like. I can only add that ten years ago or maybe 8 a cowboy took me through King City and we stooped at King City’s Safeway and it was fabulous. But then, I was in love and judgement possibly impaired. We’re having peiodic respites from rain now, including bright sun, come and go, bit of wind, noise of traffic here at Hawks Perch/Local Color. The Maiden Pub has been open, Namaste Massage with the exquisite hand of Lynne and Julian are open for business, Local Color and River Inn and the deli have been manned, Ripplewood is open, Nepenthe and all the rest as far as I know are sturggling through the Big Sur winter/spring experience. I have a portrait commission to finish. It sure is quiet enough to concentrate. You remain not only a first defense destination against all comers but a pure delight, Kate. Multiple thanks for all you do, for the accuracy and warm hearted reporting.

  6. I as well have not traveled down to the South via Hwy 1 but have been to San Luis many times via Hwy 101. I am going to be making my maiden voyage late next week when supplies get a bit low so thank you Kate for spurring on this conversation and to all of you who have responded with wonderful additions to your area of the world. I am excited to visit and spend some money for items I will enjoy. Thanks also for ongoing awesome reporting and updating of our life in Big Sur. I so appreciate you Kate and everyone else I am becoming familiar with.

  7. And as for the weather analysis I promised, there will be a break tomorrow, for a while. Just checked the satellite photo (water vapor version shows it best), and the last cyclone is heading off into the Mojave with the jet stream’s “river”. upriver, is the next cyclonic vortex. Its center is about even with northern Cali., about several hundred miles off the coast. It will slide southward with the jet stream until it is even with us, and finally follow the left turn toward land…about the same path as the last storm. It looks a lot more organized than this morning and could tighten up like a small hurricane, which is what the last vortex did. When the northwest winds again veer to the southeast, you can be assured that it is moving in. So watch for the south wind, probably late tomorrow. Wednesday will probably have another big rain when this vortex swings its initial cold front over us (in the photo, you can see the comma-shaped cloud mass on the southeastern rim of the vortex. Behind that…well more downpour showers. It could stall over us, spin around and make trouble through Thursday. I’ll be watching, and may give an update tomorrow.
    Kate, if you want, I could e-mail the image to you.

  8. I would also like to suggest if you drive over Highway 46 you can head into Paso Robles or Atascadero. I find these towns to be more affordable for my budget. Each town has discount grocery stores, cheaper gas, hardware stores, laundromats, lodging and restaurants. And if you prefer, driving past Morro Bay and go into San Luis Obispo, you can find everything you need at less expensive prices. For me, I find the extra time driving is worth the savings.

  9. Avis is right. There are many, many businesses in Paso Robles that are easy to find, very affordable, and the drive over the hill isn’t bad. Some services and shops are available there which are not available in Morro Bay, and prices are pretty good – there is a Food 4 Less in both SLO and Paso, for example.

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