Evening/Morning Updates, 3/21-3/22

Pacific Unified School District is holding classes tomorrow as usual. We have a break in the weather tomorrow, so a good time to run to get needed supplies. River Inn has reinstituted its locals nights, with $9.95 lunch/dinner choices (3 each night) until April 15th. A great time to meet/greet your neighbors and enjoy a meal together.

bigsurkate will be keeping to an abbreviated schedule the rest of this week, probably 9am – 6 pm in order to conserve my power sources until the weeked. Each evening I will be signing off with an “evening/morning updates” post like this one so that if something comes in while I am offline in the evening or morning, and it is something the community should be notified about, it can be posted in the comment section of this post below. If you have NEVER left a comment before, or have changed your email/computer/location, it will need to be approved before it will post, therefore forward it on to a regular reader/poster and ask them to comment for you.

Be safe, warm, and dry, and enjoy the short break we should have tonight and tomorrow. See y’all in the morning.

One thought on “Evening/Morning Updates, 3/21-3/22

  1. Thanks Kate and thank you river inn. Not only for the local night but for assisting with the food for the Captain cooper kids through the last few days with the lunch and snacks. Fernwood may have helped out a day or two also. Forgive me if I leave anyone out has as offered and assisted. What a awesome community we live in. Little time to clean up the yard and split some fire wood. Back to it.

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