Report on meeting with Cal-Trans about closure

Today, members of the community, and various agencies met over the Rocky Creek Closure, and this is what was discussed:

CHP will be on site 24/7 starting today so no foot traffic until further notice. There will be another meeting on the 29th at 1:00 p.m. and a decision on foot traffic will be made then.

Road issues – Steve B (not Steve Price) is now the project manager and reports directly to Steve Price. He said that rain will not stop work. He also said that the slide is on an ancient slide site and they are going to try to stabilize what’s left and build from there. They are going to start drilling a nail wall on the 24th and they have two drill rigs working. Butch Kronlund asked why they couldn’t cut into the east side of the hill and Steve said that it wouldn’t be prudent because of this being an ancient slide site. Cal Trans wants to have pedestrian traffic as soon as they think that it’s safe. Two crews will be working daylight hours when they are drilling the vertical soil nails and double shifts will be working when they drill horizontal soil nails. AMR cannot walk patients across or gurney them across until it is safe. All nails need to be installed before they will allow any foot traffic. They have 250 soil nails that need to be drilled. Cal Trans wants to get this project done in a safe and timely manner and they are very committed to this.

Cal Trans is also talking long term solutions. Steve said that a lot of studies and research need to be done. Some of the alternatives that were mentioned was a large scale wall (probably not) a viaduct which would be substantial in length or a permanent bridge.

So, there you have it. As up-to-date as I can make it.

3 thoughts on “Report on meeting with Cal-Trans about closure

  1. Kate, I just photographed a water spout on the water near Post Ranch. I’d love to get that to you so everyone can see it. How can I do that?
    Seriously wild weather!

  2. Thanks so much for the great reports and photos! It’s really nice to have a central place to check in with, to know all the info will be there as soon as you can get it out to us.

    I do worry about you making it up and down your road in this kind of weather. I’ve thought about ways to mark your roadway, from painting rocks to orange cones painted green on the view side. But my father once put a spotlight on the roof of our truck, with a handle inside so we could position the light where we needed it. I wonder if that kind of setup would help you – you could shine it on the mountain as you go up and down, at least helping you to see where the inside of the lane is.

    Well, thanks again, Kate, hope you’re warm and dry!
    Barbara T

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