Big Sur Updates

Lots to catch up on. I’ve been gone dealing with my mother’s estate, the memorial for her best friend, and other emotional issues.

First, regular trash pick up for Big Sur resumes today and every Saturday thereafter until access thru Rocky Creek is regained.

Second, southern portion of road is closed from Lucia to Ragged point from 7 pm to 7 am until deemed safe for night time travel.

Third, MST has arranged bus service to coincide with the pedestrian crossings at 7 am and again at 4 pm.

Fourth, rumor has it that repairs are on track for an April 16th single lane weight restricted opening at Rocky Creek.

Fifth, bigsurkate is back to more regular reporting now that she is back home. Thanks for your understanding.

4 thoughts on “Big Sur Updates

  1. Ditto that, welcome back. It’s been a rough go for you this year, thanks for all you continue to do on behalf of the natives.
    Ripplewood is booking guests, and River Inn, and we had what seemed like a lot of traffic on the road yesterday, even a line at the deli by the PO. There’s a wedding group in town through the weekend. Pretty exciting to see the happy faces of brave strangers hereabouts and at long last, and to hear once more, “You live here? It’s paradise!” I’ve missed that. I greet them with boisterous howdies and welcome as if they’d just paddled on to the shore of the island where I’ve been stranded bearing news of the outside world and rescue. Well, they have. Library Jenna brought me a chicken from town on her last trip in, exquisite treat. Getting so sick of salami and cheese and cans of sardines. We’re going to have a fabulous spring and summer.

  2. Welcome back Kate,we’ve missed you, but hey, you do have a life!
    Just sorry it’s been a tough one lately. My condolences.

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