Big Sur Open 7 am – 7 pm

These signs are up all the way up the coast from Morro Bay. I got a kick out of them, as it sounds as if the streets get rolled up after 7 pm – and, I guess, in a way they do! But in Big Sur Valley, once you get there, as always, there is plenty to do. Just plan on spending the night. It is a great time to be here.

Big Sur Open by bigsurkate

When I first heard about this, while still down in LA, it made no sense to me, and I couldn’t figure out why the road would be closed each night at Lucia to the north, and Ragged Point to the south.

Today, on the way home, I drove that entire length to see what was what. Now I understand why that entire length is closed at night. It is moving – just about everywhere. Besides the original Chimney Slide at Limekiln, there is Paul’s slide north of there, two more Limekiln slides south of there, and that is all BEFORE one gets to N-F Rd. which is beyond the closed point for either north or south closures, so only those of us BETWEEN the closures have access to N-F after dark. Mud Creek is a freaking mess, Alder Creek is cleared but moving, Soda Springs is a mess, Elephant’s Trunk is in a constant state of patch. There are just too many places creating potential problems to count. Most of the pull offs are now filed with debris waiting to be hauled off.

The bottom line is patience, everyone, while Mother Nature finishes doing as she wills. When night time travel is safe again, it will open up, and then Big Sur won’t be rolling up her streets!


13 thoughts on “Big Sur Open 7 am – 7 pm

  1. I got a laugh out of them too. I was wondering if I was on a curfew or something. Does it make since for any of the vendors and businesses that are open for dinner still or markets, parks that will welcome people who traveled down for a weekend stay. Maybe they should say, “southern access open from 7-7 only. Just a thought.

  2. It would have to say ALL access to Big Sur closed at night. Southern Access implies a northern or an eastern, and those are all closed, too. Maybe it will be completely open by Monday or early next week. Right now, it is just moving too much!

  3. Sounds like you got some much needed rest!
    The way you present information is so clear and concise, making it easy to read. Thanks, it is good.

  4. Your so right. Thanks for clarifying. I do like using the word “open” opposed to closed. And adding access somewhere.

  5. What wonderful word pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you do the run again would you consider taking photos of each area where Mother Nature is dancing and shrugging? It might be an amazing sequence.


  6. I would have this time, but my battery was dead. I took the one on my iPhone but it isnt as easy for “drive by” shots which are what many of them would have to be as there is no where to stop

  7. I don’t think it would be very wise to stop in what is potentially an unsafe area to take a picture of it; better to get through that spot as quickly as possible. Doesn’t that make sense?

  8. Thank you, Kate. Appreciate the heads-up. The other night, I got the word to the staff at the school, in case they were not aware yet. Hats off to the CALTRANS crew. They work tirelessly, in hazardous conditions…and get the job done. I know too well, driving by those slides can be scary at night. This Winter it is especially d-a-n-g-e-r-o-u-s.

  9. I drove from Big Sur to Cambria yesterday down the highway. No problems to speak of.

  10. I’m headed out to Big Sur tomorrow. I planned my honeymoon a few months back. Hope it all goes well for me tomorrow.

  11. hey i was hoping for some help/advice/directions
    I’m in Salinas and going to the Henry Miller Library on the 14th.
    whats my best route and is there access to state parks to camp? never been there before and ive been looking forward to big sur for ages so looking for any help.

  12. From Salinas, the best route is 101 south to Jolon RD then enter base on Mission to Nacimiento and over to Highway One. All campgrounds are open.

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