Progress at Rocky Creek

Here are photos of the Rocky Creek site taken yesterday by Ken Cowen. Thanks again Ken for keeping us all informed! Nothing does it like photos!

It is an absolutely gorgeous day in paradise, and you can get there during the day 7 am to 7 pm. I remember in 1983 when the road was closed to the north. I was coming from the south, and loved the fact there were fewer visitors. So come and enjoy the day with us, but be past Ragged Point, or on Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. by 7 pm or plan on spending the night with us!

4 thoughts on “Progress at Rocky Creek

  1. Hi, do you have any clue when the road will be open again?
    Nice site by the way!

  2. 7:30am – We reopened N-F Road today!!! There was a large tree that had fallen across the road during the night at the “Lion’s Den” canyon, blocking all passage. So, from among our group of blocked commuters, we had a force of 20 guys, a good GMC truck, a pruning saw, and a towing strap. After about 1/2 hour of pulling with the strap, the heave-ho’ing, sawing etc, we not only cleared the road, but lined up both logs (halves of the broken tree) on opposite roadsides to make a cool “guard rail”! Thank you to the guy with the truck…he pulled that tree just right! That’s the Big Sur way.

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