Cold & a little of this and that

1:45 pm – Cal-Trans update just released includes the usual, but also this language: “• After closer analysis, completion time for providing limited vehicle access with traffic signal control on the existing northbound lane is now estimated to be early May.” It is the same as yesterday, but it seems to me it has gone from April 16th, the last week in April, to end of April, to first week in May, to early May. It is a fluid situation, and the weather has not been ideal for this work.

12:30 pm – my SLO forecaster just reported:

” A cold upper-level low pressure system, currently over the
Central Coast, will continue to produce widely scattered rain
showers, at times heavy and well below seasonal temperatures.
Today’s rainfall totals will be highly variable, with some
locations not receiving any rainfall while other areas getting
up to a half of an inch.

The cold and unstable air combined with this afternoon heating
will produce possible thunderstorms this afternoon through
tonight with hail and periods of strong and gusty winds.

Note: Chris of reported hail the size of
garbanzo beans at his home in western San Luis Obispo.
It hailed at his home for 15 minutes, with accumulations
of one half to three quarters of an inch on the ground.”

11:30 am – Whoa!! Serious snowing going on up here, AND it is sticking!!

10:00 am – Cold, it is very cold. My fingers can’t type until I warm them up. Another cup of coffee in my morning. Currently, it is 34 degrees. I stepped outside and was surprised to see these little tiny white balls floating down – not snowflakes, more like tiny little balls of hail. I wasn’t even under a cloud? Now, they are covering the deck. They are “floating” rather than hailing down.

Also, a number of people here in Big Sur have asked how to find my blog more regularly. It provides a type of anecdote to other types of communication, sometimes. The easiest way is to scroll to the bottom of the sidebar to the right, and sign up for an email subscription. Then, whenever I put up a new post, you will receive an email with ia portion of that article, and you can click on a link to read the rest. Easy? AND if you don’t want to subscribe, google, bigsurkate or big sur kate or big sur blog or any combination thereof. I am always at the top.

Back when fingers thawed.

6 thoughts on “Cold & a little of this and that

  1. We had something like lightweight hail around six last night, must’ve rained, drying out now, looked like ice on the deck this morning but I was looking through the window. The sun’s out here and getting stronger but summer it ain’t. Hope you’ve warmed up, Kate. The extended wintery stuff makes the road closures harder to bear somehow. The Maiden Pub gets a nice crowd at night, sweet bustling Big Sur endures.

  2. I signed up for the email updates, and it is sooo easy! Thanks for being so accessible Kate!

  3. It’s Sunny here in Monterey at the Monterey Plaza, but I heard earlier that it was hailing in Aptos. Now that’s a switch. Usually they are the “sunnier” side of the bay!

  4. I subscribe from far far away in Australia, and have been fascinated and slightly horrified by the Big Sur adventures I have been reading about lately. The whole world has gone mad, weather wise at least. We have had our share, including a national park that was cut off by massive landslides and is not yet fixed. Just letting you know I’m still connecting Kate, and loving the photos as always 🙂

  5. Glorious Sunshine, Beautiful Clouds, & Sparkling Sea here in Pismo today…..along with some lovely wine for a Happy Friday!

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