Schizophrenic Spring

I’ve decided that Spring is not bipolar, this year, she is schizophrenic and has delusions about being winter.

Today is a case in point. This was taken before 2 pm.

Schitzophrenic Spring by bigsurkate

By 2:15, I had a couple inches of snow. It has continued ever since. I am trying to upload photos, but, the internet is apparently cold, as it is acting sluggish. Either that, or my provider is slowing me down! When I can, I will upload more.

Schitzophrenic Spring 2 by bigsurkate

At 4;30, it continues to snow, and is getting quite thick in areas. At least 3-4 inches now. I’m being lazy this afternoon – I don’t want to get dressed up to go out in it, and I don’t want to get wet and cold, so photos from the inside looking out are all I am taking.

Gideon at the window by bigsurkate

This one was taken at 3:30 pm. Note all the dog tracks in the snow.

And this one was taken just a few minutes before 5. Note all the dog tracks are buried in snow. Also note the progression in the photos as the green of spring slowly dissolves into the white of winter. Like I said, Schizophrenic.

All snowed in by bigsurkate

For a moment in time, the clouds lifted, the sun came out, and the snow covered Santa Lucias were revealed. My iPhone and I were ready. She is so beautiful when she is dressed up like this!

Snowy Santa Lucias by bigsurkate

I have a few more shots I’d like to share, perhaps tomorrow, as the I must feed the dogs and fix dinner for myself. It is a high 35 degrees, at the moment.

8 thoughts on “Schizophrenic Spring

  1. That is just friggin amazing! Keep warm & pray for summer. Maybe summer will be your spring this year?

  2. Totally amazing. What pictures. No snow here…yet. Thanks for taking the pressure up there. Hope you’re well stocked up and warm and dry and that Gideon is lying by the fire.

  3. Awesome photos, love the new title “Schizophrenic Spring.” Very fitting. Stay warm.

  4. Amazing Kate. I cannot believe this much snow in April on your coast. Gideon does not look bothered though. The last image is another award winner!

  5. Great pictures! I love the Snowny Santa Lucias pic. It looks like some far away place in the north! Cold! Where’d our sunny spring weather go? 🙂

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