An Alder Creek Slide, Slide show

Okay, so this is not technically a “slide show” – use your imagination. Before we get to photos that Rock Knocker took Thursday (before slide) and Friday (after slide) just a reminder of how it looked Friday morning from Stacey Johnson’s photo from the north, looking south:

Alder Creek, 4/15/11, Stacey Johnson

Here’s the “other view” from the South, looking North by Michael Handy.

Alder Creek Slide, 4/15/11, Michael Handy

And imagine coming home to TreeBones, and seeing the road block, going around it to find the rocks across the road, sleeping in your car on the south side, awaiting the dawn patrol to clean it up for you, and waking to find this:

Morning Wake-up Call, 4/15/11, by Michael Handy

Okay, this is what was happening the day before. Rock Knocker called me from Morro Bay to ask what I needed as the road was about to shut down tight. How right he was.

Rocks & Dust at Alder Creek, 4/14/11, by Rock Knocker

Movement from Above, 4/14/11, by Rock Knocker

This was on Thursday. All of that is now gone.


Alder Creek Slide, 4/15/11, by Rock Knocker

Climbing up Alder Creek, 4/15/11, by Rock Knocker

Climbing the Slide #1, 4/15/11, by Rock Knocker

The Slide from above, 4/15/11, by Rock Knocker

Coastline from above, 4/15/11, by Rock Knocker

Coastline from above #2, 4/15/11, by Rock Knocker

Working it from the North, 4/15/11, by Rock Knocker

Working it from the South, 4/15/11, by Rock Knocker

Road to the South, 4/15/11, by Rock Knocker

Road to the North, 4/15/11, by Rock Knocker

Tim Windsor, 4/16/11, by Rock Knocker

12 thoughts on “An Alder Creek Slide, Slide show

  1. Thanks Kate & Ralph! I’m praying that “Everyone” that works on this slide stays safe as this looks like a Very Dangerous One!! Feel quite bad for Michael who woke up to the sight of that slide!
    I think the lesson once again for this winter & spring was patience & flexibility!! It’s not as easy on the body at this age though!!

  2. Gosh , it is nice to see Rock Knocker’s photos, T Y .

    So is what we are seeing, called : Angle Of Repose ?

  3. Holy Crap Batman! That’s a BIG one!! Looks like mother Big Sur wants to re-configure herself. Be safe all you people working on this….looks like it’s not done yet.

    Great pics.

  4. Excellent. It must be beautifully quiet out there, well, when the front loader isn’t in business.

  5. Humongous slide. Poor Treebones is cut off again. I guess Michael had to turn around and get home around across Nacimiento. Everyone stay safe. There is so much movement in so many areas on the highway.

  6. Thanks for sharing the news and photos. The amount of material in the Alder Creek slide amazes me. Digging it out looks very dangerous. I’m glad that the workers know what they’re doing.

  7. What amazing courage all of you are showing. It just blows my mind on how fast things change. OMG Your amazing on how you keep us all informed, and we are so thankful. Just remember, the work your doing is appreciated, so deeply appreciated. Stay safe.

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