Photo Update, Alder Creek today, 4/17/11

To give you an idea of the size of this monster, and how the work is progressing, I have this photo from MCSO Deputy Jesse Villasenor taken around 11 am this morning. You will note that there is equipment on BOTH ends of this slide working it. Thanks, Jesse.

Alder Creek Slide, 4/17/11 by Jesse Villasenor

Also, I had some photos from Ken Cowen from last night’s opening showing that everything went quite smoothly, letting first south bound traffic through first. Unfortunately, only one came through. My connection, not you, Ken.

Additionally, I have a flyer from B-SAGE about their upcoming movie about the National Parks showing at the Grange on Friday, 4/22 at 5:30 at the Grange, which I will have to post tomorrow. It is free, although donations gratefully accepted. Free oak seedlings from Rama Farms will be given out, and popcorn will be available. Watch for the flyer tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Photo Update, Alder Creek today, 4/17/11

  1. I expect its the angle but it looks like there is also a slide further south………… would you explain what we’re seeing?

    Thanks again for the great job and to all your contributors!

  2. Thanks for the photo Kate. Always good to see how things are progressing. Monster is I think an apt term, this is going to take awhile.

  3. My oh My, locals are getting excited up here in the Village about some increased freedom to the North and more people are coming into Riverside Campground. Be safe out there and enjoy the beauty.

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