11 thoughts on “Rocky Creek open at 8 pm tonight

  1. THANK YOU CAL TRANS, THANK YOU UNIVERSE AND THANK YOU BIG SUR KATE!!! All of a sudden that 40 minute drive to town seems like a breeze.

  2. I second that! A HUGE thanks to CALTRANS and the contractor, plus all others involved in the effort, for the relentless perseverance that has brought success. Now, I feel a big load off my back. And, Kate, thank you for your relentlessness in keeping all of us, near and far, informed up-to-the-minute on all the extraordinary events. Right now, we are up in the Rockies of Idaho, watching the snow come down. And when I return to my teaching after the break is over, I can really appreciate the (relatively) zippy-quick commute to school after all those hours negotiating the N-F’s twists, turns, and occasional fallen tree.

  3. Thank you so much Big Sur Kate for keeping us so informed, even those of us who are 3000 miles away in DC and care deeply about all of you. Since we have been coming to Big Sur for 30 years and are about to come back again on Saturday, it has been incredibly helpful and thoughtful of you to devote so much time and effort to communicating the latest on the roads and trying to survive in the midst of these continuing slides.
    You are a true heroine!!
    Lynda and Joel

  4. when land and sea smooch-there is no antibotic-mother nature may need a little push ?

  5. It’s open (woohoo!) as of 8:00 pm. They’ll still use flaggers tonight and tomorrow until they get the signals hooked up. There will be periodic (short) delays throughout the day, but it is open. Drive carefully everyone.

  6. Well, this has been worth waiting for – Big Sur open again from the north. Hallelujah! If my daughter is feeling better tomorrow, Friday, look out cause here we come. Can’t wait to smell the smells, breathe the air,hug a redwood and enjoy the views. An ambie on Nepenthe’s terrace with a basket of fries sounds heavenly.

  7. Kate, would love to have a list of websites for those businesses impacted by current Alder Creek closure, in case support by web purchases would help them, ie buying gift cert’s for restaurants and shops to be used when the road opens again from the south.


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