8 thoughts on “Rocky Creek photos by Cal-Trans

  1. looks so beautiful, thank you to everybody, because my husband stay with my more time (oh my god) jjajajaj .

  2. The northbound lane looks really good, thank you Cal-Trans. Can’t wait to get down the coast. Thanks Kate, as always, for posting the photos.

  3. Looks great. Now if we only had a way to send this traffic besides over Naciemiento Road. Saw a substantial increase in traffic today. The issue I see is, people traveling down to NF not understanding what the detour is really like. And I’m hearing lots of complaints of people driving too fast and not staying on their own side of the road. A local officer said he was surprised he has not been getting daily accident calls from what he has experienced the few times he’s been on the nasty road. *sigh* it’s going to be a long month.

    Another point about traveling on NF….the military is doing random vehicle inspections. J.M. a retired Sheriff was on his way back from a town run and had 2 military SUV’s pull him over and inspected the entire vehicle. Including emptying out all the grocery bags.

  4. In early this morning, freedom beautiful freedom. Headed to The Road Show which is in Monterey buying things. Bring your stuff…there til Satuday, Monterey Hilton. The road looks gorgeous prompting, what collapse? and it really seems to be the far outside edge of southbound, northbound plenty wide and full, looking solid and swept like a baseball diamond. Sweet. Thanks boys, good job. On return big highway electric message board, Road Clear for 64 miles and BUSINESS OPEN bless their hearts. I cheered.
    Still quiet today but I’m betting on a socko weekend.

  5. Remember if going back north from Big Sur Valley ,Carmel, Calif. is left at 2nd stop light not 1st anymore—to miss lead honest tourist is cruel

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