*Important Rocky Creek Update*

Just received from Cal-Trans today, Tuesday, May 3rd:

“Geologic drilling at Rocky Creek (Post Mile 60.5) will begin this Thursday, May 5 and continue daily through next Friday, May 13. Work hours are from 7 am to 6 pm. On weekdays, traffic will be held for up to 15 minutes to allow the maximum drilling to be performed. On Saturday and Sunday, reverse one-way traffic control with flaggers will take place, in conjunction with the existing signal. The purpose for this drilling is to perform subsurface investigations for the permanent roadway fix.”

And regarding Alder Creek, this was received yesterday, Monday, May 2d:

“Geologic instability and debris falling on Highway 1 at Alder Creek (Post Mile 7.5) have closed the roadway completely in both directions to all public, including motorized vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. THIS SECTION OF HWY. 1 REMAINS EXTREMELY UNSTABLE WITH CREWS CONTINUALLY MONITORING THE AREA. Two spyders (like a backhoe) and two bulldozers are now removing slide debris. The opening date is estimated to be 4 to 6 weeks.”

That 4-6 week estimate has not changed since the slide on April 14th, 2011. I will have to seek clarification of that from Cal-Trans this week and let you know what I find out.

Oh, and this wonderful shot was sent to me yesterday by Paul Danielson from the area of San Martin Top. From this perspective, while one cannot see the slide at Alder Creek, one can see Shale Point, just south of it, as well as the tiny cars of the workers on the south end, and the difference in the water color where the slide is sliding into the ocean. Fun shot. Thank you Paul! A closer look reveals what *may* be the top of the slide. Look at that bare spot just beyond the green in about the middle of the lower third of the photo.

San Martin Top by Paul Danielson, 5/2/11

10 thoughts on “*Important Rocky Creek Update*

  1. Kate…pardon my ignorance, but where is this…in relation to, say Lucia, or Gorda..or any other landmark down there?

  2. Spectacular photograph, my God what a place we live in.
    As for the road bad news, I don’t know how much more variations on the theme I can take. Does anybody out there in the planning dept of these things know what this is doing to cripple business in Big Sur? I bet they put up a flashing electric sign saying DELAY DELAY. They could be fooling with this all summer long. I know the work needs doing. But I sure hope the doing ends soon and the done shows up.

  3. So, based on information, you think the 6 week mark would be May 19th or 26th for an estimated date of opening for hwy 1 from the south? Thanks for your updates Kate. We appreciate all you do!

  4. Oh, no, I’m not predicting this one. I think we – including Cal-Trans – are hoping for Memorisl Day weekend, but no way to tell, yet.

  5. fingers crossed for May 26th! (planning a coastal drive that weekend) Thanks for all your updates this is really the BEST place to get any update on the road closure.

  6. Just got back in town. It sounds like the road is now open from the north. Is that the case?

  7. I am looking for anyone who may have pictures of the rocky creek bridge durring the earthquake retrofit. Specifically of the crane that fell over the side of the bridge and the activities surrounding it. Please contact me at cthorne@qhomes.net.

  8. Hey there Kate! I worked on the Bixby , Rocky creek bridges retrofit. I was working there that day the crane went off the bridge. I too have been looking for pictures of that day. I remember the Monterey county Herold had some pictures of it but have been unable to find them. Id love to see some pictures. If you ever find any please send me some! 🙂

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