Tin House Art

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A reader from the UK, with family here in Big Sur, recently visited and sent me these photos taken at the Tin House. Abstract photo art that is really lovely.

Before I post those, however, you might want to wander over to this great new blog I found that details hikes in Big Sur. In particular, I would refer you to the post about the Tanbark Trail leading to the Tin House. There are lots of photos of the trail, and the house as it stands.

I like this one so much, it is going into my links to the right. Full of great information!

Here are three Tin House Abstracts by Greta Jensen:

Tin House Art #1 by Greta Jensen

Tin House Art #2 by Greta Jensen

Tin House Art #3 by Greta Jensen

3 thoughts on “Tin House Art

  1. HA! I came back for yet another look. I need all the inspiration I can get in abstractforms. Thank you for posting these.

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