Alder Creek Bad News

Issued today: “Due to the physical constraints of this very difficult operation, the estimated opening date (subject to change) is now four to eight weeks from today.”

Four weeks “from today” is June 1st. Eight weeks is June 29th. Plan accordingly – as in Rock Bob’s memorial is looking like July or thereabouts. Oh, darn. I just remembered the workers I hired and pre-paid for supplies; and the water tank I pre-paid for delivery from Loomis. I have several thousands of dollars out for things I cannot get until July, now. Darn.

17 thoughts on “Alder Creek Bad News

  1. Since the road bed is solid, why don’t they get really inventive and build a tunnel through the g.d. thing. They could hire some miners who know how; it would be like the WPA all over again and boost the economy; it would be an interesting tourist attraction; and you, Kate, could get your prepaid workers to do pay off and the water tank delivered. And just maybe we could get some tourism back before the summer’s done. I think I’m going to start a betting pool. Closest date, wins. I’m taking September 1. I’m off to check how long it took to build the Hoover Dam.

  2. That is bad news indeed. My heart goes out to you Kate and my friends at Treebones. This is going to set their summer season way back. Barbara’s idea of a tunnel is interesting. But you know what Cal Trans will say – the hill is too unstable to build anything. I hope she’s way off on her estimate of the road opening there Sept 1. Yikes

  3. Okay, the first transcontinental railroad built c. 150 years ago took six years to cross America with hardened steel. The amazing feats of Hoover Dam (5 yrs@49 mil), Golden Gate (4 yrs)and the Empire State building – 18 months coming in a month early and five mil. under budget. All of them built with limited machinery long ago. The ancient Romans built Hadrian’s wall 73 miles across Rome’s England 2000 years ago, in six years. The citizen’s tax dollars would be well spent on motivational speakers and a slide show, mandatory for whoever wants the contract.

  4. I’ve heard that some locals have walked across the slide down at the beach. The bottom part of the slide at beach level is not very steep, so not much new rolling or falling debris gets that far down. The work crew walks across it every morning to the south side to confer on the day’s logistics. Cal Trans won’t approve public access through there, but no one watches the spot before the work crew arrives or after they leave. That may not help you, Kate, with your water tank, but maybe your work crew….

  5. love heavan and Mother Nature-happy Moms day-your colors last year round

  6. Hi Kate:

    I presume you are talking about a steel (pray NOT a plastic – they burn) water tank that needs to be assembled. If you ordered from Loomis tank in Arroyo Grande, why not have them deliver from their store over in Paso Robles via 101-Naciemento? They are good folks I am sure they would go for it given the circumstances as long as their truck could navigate the route. You are on Plaskett Ridge Road, right? They might even be able to come down from the top via the South Coast Ridge Road.

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    to the Helvetian Confederation
    Citizen Navigation Consulting Desk

  7. Kate,

    When did Rock Bob pass? I spent some time with him at Salmon Creek many years ago…so sorry to hear about that

  8. I’ve been trying to get information on all these slip-outs but haven’t been able to piece everything together very well. Is the alder creek down to a one lane restricted (as it is shown on the caltrans site)? Also, can anyone give me info on the Gorda closure?

    I am trying to drive the coast from LA to San Fran! Everything is planned and I’m leaving in two weeks? Can I even drive through?

    Is there a map showing the affected regions so I can see if there are alternate routes that will get me back on the coast asap?

    Any info is so so much appreciated. Thanks!

  9. Rocky Creek is one lane. Alder Creek, near Gorda is completely closed for 4-8 weeks. Cut over to 101 on 46 to Jolon RD, then across Ft Hunter Liggett on Nacimiento-Fergusson back to the coast and North.

  10. Zane-
    If you take Nacimiento Road to Big Sur, be sure to stay as far to the right as possible once you leave the army boundaries. The road gets very narrow, curvy and steep. Drivers from the other direction may be in your lane when you come around the blind curves. In many places, it is difficult if not impossible for 2 cars to proceed at the same place and time. You may need to stop and back up. Vehicles going uphill always have the right of way. Just go slower than slow around curves to avoid any hazards such as rocks or vehicles in your path. Good luck and enjoy the drive – it is beautiful.

  11. Thanks for the info! One other question, I have made camping arrangements at Plaskett Creek–do you think I would be able to travel from there, up Forest Route 23S02, then Coast Ridge Trail/Plaskett Ridge Rd TO Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd and down to the coast?

    The road from San Simeon to Plaskett Creek is okay, right?

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

  12. Zane – you cannot get from San Simeon to Plaskett Creek Campground via Highway One, you can only get to Plaskett by taking 46 over south of Cambria- only over Nacimiento can you get to SR1 from the south.

    Plaskett Ridge Road is closed 5 miles up by private property and has been for 16 years. Only Willow Creek and Nacimiento connect with South Coast Ridge Road.

  13. I noticed with the Rocky Creek washout, cyclist and pedestrian crossing was accomodated before the motorized traffic was re-instituted. Is this a typical pattern for closures on this highway? I had plans for crossing this section by bicycle on around June 6. Also, any information as to the likelihood of being able to walk around it, on the “beach”? Is that really practical?

  14. John, opening to escorted pedestrian traffic twice a day, as they did at Rocky Creek, is an extreme rarity – in fact I don’t remember another time when this was accomplished. People walked over the Big Slide in 83, I am told, but this was clandestine, I believe.

    As to access on the beach at Alder Creek, I was speaking to someone who crossed out in the ocean via kayak last night. He told me they watched boulders come crashing down 20 feet or more into the water, and they decided walking it would be dangerous. Others have witnessed slide workers cross over at the bottom, along the beach, but it is risky and you would be doing it against the advice of Cal-Trans.

  15. Kate, thanks a bunch for the advice. After another flight of fancy involving an inflatable raft, I’ve arranged my tour so that I have other options if Alder Creek isn’t ready. Hope they get it open soon for you guys.

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