Snow photos, 2/19/13 – Big Sur


I have more photos I will continue to try to add. It has been snowing continuously since 2:00 pm, without let-up.




I’ll take more photos before it gets dark, particularly if it continues to snow, as it has for the last hour and a half. The default will add them below this message.

This is so amazing, after an 80 degree day up here on Sunday!

5 thoughts on “Snow photos, 2/19/13 – Big Sur

  1. gorgeous! I am on my way to visit Paula Walling (aka Anita Alan) and will tell her of the snow at your favorite place in the whole wide world probably!

  2. What a sight. There’s a lot to be said for the beauty of snow. Especially if you know it’s not building to five and ten feet for months at a stretch. Thanks Kate, nice treat from my armchair. Carmel Valley’s had almost steady rain, little sun shots every now and then, pretty wet and fogged in now. Hope you’re all cozied, all systems go and toasty woodstove glowing.

  3. Amazing sight. Lot to be said for the beauty of snow. Especially from my armchair. Raining in CV, good heavy fog. Hoping you’re all cozied in, woodstove aglow, watching wonderland from your new bed surrounded by the herd.

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