Highway One looks to be closing

9:45 pm – CHP is calling for CT to close the road. This is what it looks like now:

Details 00416 8:36 PM Traffic Hazard Sr1 S / Little Sur 1 AT LITTLE SUR MM 56.0 and MM 58-59.5 Monterey

Detail Information
9:43 PM 4 [16] 27-S1 1039 ENTAC and LT KACZOR
9:36 PM 3 [15] BIXBY BRIDGE 59.5
9:34 PM 2 [12] [Appended, 21:34:41] [9] 1039 ERIC DEGROOT , WILL MAKE CALLOUTS FOR ROAD CLOSURE, WILL 1021 WHEN ENRT
9:31 PM 1 [9] [Appended, 21:34:41] [6] 27-S1 CPS IN DISPATCH / HAVE CT CLOSED RDWY and HAVE 74B 1022’D
Unit Information
8:39 PM 2 Unit Assigned
9:30 PM 1 Unit Cleared

MM56 is Little Sur; MM 58 is Hurricane Point; 59.5 is Bixby Bridge. Looks like Hurricane Point is the point of problem, and other two are closure points. Just a guess.

2 thoughts on “Highway One looks to be closing

  1. The closure disappeared from the cad chp site about ten minutes ago. Maybe they got out early to clear it?

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