Highway One looks to be closing

9:45 pm – CHP is calling for CT to close the road. This is what it looks like now:

Details 00416 8:36 PM Traffic Hazard Sr1 S / Little Sur 1 AT LITTLE SUR MM 56.0 and MM 58-59.5 Monterey

Detail Information
9:43 PM 4 [16] 27-S1 1039 ENTAC and LT KACZOR
9:36 PM 3 [15] BIXBY BRIDGE 59.5
9:34 PM 2 [12] [Appended, 21:34:41] [9] 1039 ERIC DEGROOT , WILL MAKE CALLOUTS FOR ROAD CLOSURE, WILL 1021 WHEN ENRT
9:31 PM 1 [9] [Appended, 21:34:41] [6] 27-S1 CPS IN DISPATCH / HAVE CT CLOSED RDWY and HAVE 74B 1022’D
Unit Information
8:39 PM 2 Unit Assigned
9:30 PM 1 Unit Cleared

MM56 is Little Sur; MM 58 is Hurricane Point; 59.5 is Bixby Bridge. Looks like Hurricane Point is the point of problem, and other two are closure points. Just a guess.

~ by bigsurkate on December 16, 2014.

2 Responses to “Highway One looks to be closing”

  1. The closure disappeared from the cad chp site about ten minutes ago. Maybe they got out early to clear it?


  2. Yes, they did Jeff.?They had it open by 6:10 am

    bigsurkate on iPhone



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