Big Sur Storm Report, December 16, 2014

8:20 pm – lots of thunder. Up to 1.03″

7:00 pm – rain really kicked up about an hour ago. At 6:30, the rain rate was 2.24″/hour. This morning, after the 4:30 am downpour, I measured .20″ of rain. Now, I am at .77″.

7:30 am -woke at 4:30 am with a downpour, thunder, and lightning. Now, I see a lot of blue sky, but a tad chilly at 42.


~ by bigsurkate on December 16, 2014.

2 Responses to “Big Sur Storm Report, December 16, 2014”

  1. River beginning to rage back over our bridge at Riverside. Bouts of downpour since about 6pm. No idea of the amount. Hoping none of our peeps or tourists are on the road.


  2. hwy 1 closed for the night?

    9:43 PM 4 [16] 27-S1 1039 ENTAC and LT KACZOR
    9:36 PM 3 [15] BIXBY BRIDGE 59.5
    9:34 PM 2 [12] [Appended, 21:34:41] [9] 1039 ERIC DEGROOT , WILL MAKE CALLOUTS FOR ROAD CLOSURE, WILL 1021 WHEN ENRT
    9:31 PM 1 [9] [Appended, 21:34:41] [6] 27-S1 CPS IN DISPATCH / HAVE CT CLOSED RDWY and HAVE 74B 1022’D


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