Big Sur Storm Report, 12/15/14

Details 00273 2:10 PM CLOSURE of a Road Sr1 S / Sr68 Holman SB SR1 ON THE OFR TO WB SR68 Monterey

Noon – thus far, .48″ of rain. Strongest winds have been 32 mph at 11:17 am. And only 43 degrees with a wind chill of 35. Brrr… So far so good with the roads.

4 thoughts on “Big Sur Storm Report, 12/15/14

  1. Nice mudslide, including trees covering ramp from Southbound 1 to Westbound 68/Aguajito. Traffic backing up. If you’re coming from the north and trying to get to P.G., take Monterey surface streets.

  2. As of 5pm, we got a good 1.5″ in the manual rain gauge. We sure had a downpour this afternoon!

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