Traffic Conditions, heading north to town

6:30 pm – as of 15 minutes ago, The CHP website is reporting that NB traffic into Carmel is backed up all the way to Mal Paso Creek, which is the southern boundary for the Carmel Highlands. I have been hearing stories about how bad traffic has been this holiday season, particularly in that direction. Avoid if you can wait.

4 thoughts on “Traffic Conditions, heading north to town

  1. Traffic has been obscene on Highway One N/B between Rio Road and the 68 turnoff for the past few days. Last night it was backed up from Rio Road south all the way to Monastery Beach. Pebble has been PACKED with tourists and tour buses this week. Who opened the floodgates?
    My son who works at the Rio Rd. Safeway said managers are suggesting this is the most business they have done over the holiday season for several years.
    My feeling is gas prices being down is inviting people to get on the road again.

  2. We’re just a tad east off mal paso and guests that just arrived reported the north bound traffic was baacked up way south of Mal Paso.

    John came back from Del Monte/Munras via hwy 1 (coming south) and it took him 8 lights to get through rio rd intersection!

    Its has ben awful for several days.

  3. I agree, Mike, I think gas prices have a lot to do with the floodgates. I am just hoping it slows to a trickle after the holidays so we can all catch our breath.


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