Cal Trans Update #2, 2/1/17





Pictures of Mud Creek today, with spring flowing at north end.

A quick update for you:

The drillers are coming tonight to Mud Creek (PM 8.8). They want to determine if the weather is safe for them to be working. They are very busy with slides all over the west and are squeezing us in. If we don’t work with them this week, we may not get them back for months, so construction crews have been instructed to support them and if it is safe to let vehicles through while we are working, then they will. If we start to encounter mud slides, we will shut the roadway down to traffic and do our best to support the drillers, to allow for the road/slide repairs.

Susana Z. Cruz nature-flower-blue-motif[1]
Caltrans District 5
Acting Manager
Public Information Office

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