Cal Trans Update, 2/1/17


Mud Creek with new spring on north end


131419 shows flagging at mud creek (PM 8.8) and a new spring has started flowing at the north end.

115608 shows mangled infrastructure we just dug out of the slide at cow cliff (PM 28.35)



*All Motorists may travel north on Hwy. 1 from Cambria to Limekiln Creek Bridge (PM 21.3) or south on Hwy. 1 from Carmel to Dolan Pt. (PM 29.70).

*We have a failed culvert at 14.4, just north of Sand Dollar Beach (PM 13.85), requiring Caltrans to have daytime one-way traffic control and flagging at three locations: 1) at Mud Creek (PM 8.8), 2) just north of Sand Dollar Beach at PM 14.4 and 3) at Paul’s Slide (PM 21.6).

*Locals may travel north today on Hwy. 1 from Cambria to just south of Big Creek Bridge (PM 28)*

The roadway is not passable between Big Creek (PM 28.09) and Dolan Pt. (PM 29.70).

OVERNIGHT CLOSURES: Hwy. 1 will remain closed overnight from Ragged Point (SLO 72.87) to Dolan Pt. (MON. 29.70) and also if it is raining, due to the instability of the rock/mud slides.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Our Maintenance and Geotech crews have been working diligently, clearing, cleaning, and scaling as much as safely possible in response to these rock/mudslides.

Another update will be provided tomorrow noontime, Thursday, Feb. 2, or sooner if conditions change.

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2 thoughts on “Cal Trans Update, 2/1/17

  1. Can I get to Santa LUcia from cambria or do I need to go Nacimento Rd. Checking in on New Baby, Midwife

  2. Santa Lucia Ranch? No, neither route will get you there. You would need to go up 101 to 68 and down 1 to get to anything from Esalen north. It is completely closed between Lucia and Dolan Point (just south of Esalen). Santa Lucia Ranch is just north of Dolan Point, so the only way to reach it is from the north.

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