Gas Available South of Pfeiffer Bridge, 2/19/17

Hello Everyone,

For those of you located south of the Pfeiffer Bridge, gas will be available at the Loma Vista gas station from 10:00AM to 12:00PM today.

Note:  They will be closed Monday, but available again Tuesday from 10-12.

The station may be open on a daily basis during these hours depending on weather and power.  We will issue daily notices as conditions may change.  If you have an emergency and need to know if the station is open, call the following cell phone number 1-661-301-7213 and ask to speak to Mike.  This phone may have spotty service (as cell phones do in Big Sur) and works only when power is on.

2 thoughts on “Gas Available South of Pfeiffer Bridge, 2/19/17

  1. Good to see your resourceful community dealing with stuff. Gosh, reminds me of younger days in Alaska and northern Mexico…

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