Helicopter service in Big Sur, 2/19/17

Hello Everyone,

Today February 19, 2017   Flights out only

The Fire Brigade in conjunction with State Parks has arranged for the opportunity for three helicopter flights out today only.

People on the south side of the bridge may go to Post Ranch to fly out and will be landed at the State Park ball field.  You will need to make your own arrangements to get north from there.

You will need to either have a ride to both landing zones, or plan to park your car on Highway One.  No cars may be left inside the State Park or the Post Ranch property.
To access the ball field you may drive out the day use road like you would normally do.

This will be until noon weather permitting or until we reach the three flight limit.  The Helicopter service is the same one that ferried people out during the Rocky Creek closure, Specialized Helicopter Service.

To the best of my knowledge PG&E may not be able to get access to the south side until Wednesday to work on the power.

The cost is $50 a seat with 3 seats available.  Payment can be worked out.

No hazardous materials, gas etc
Contact number for questions:  Ken 610-299-8110

Martha Karstens

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