Slide on the North Coast Ridge Road in the Post Creek Drainage

Photos and descriptions provided by Scott Moffat. Thank you, Scott!

 “I wanted to share these photos of the condition of the North Coast Ridge Road as of Tuesday morning. The slide is on the Northern exposure of the Post Creek drainage. Just past Bill Burleigh’s driveway but still before the corner in the road at the back of the canyon.”

Looking up the NCRR under one of the trees that fell uphill across the road once the slide eroded its roots footing.©SMP_022117_SlidePostCrkCyn_UpRd_NCRR.jpg

Looking down the NCRR from on top of the pile of mud and trees brought down by the slide.©SMP_022117_SlidePostCrkCyn_DwnRoad_NCRR.jpg

Looking up from what used to be the NCRR at the area of land that came down on top of and in many parts took out the road.©SMP_022117_PostCrkCynSlide_ViewUp_NCRR.jpg

Looking down at the slide as it continued past and through the NCRR into the creek.©SMP_022117_PostCrkCynSlide_ViewDown_NCRR.jpg

Same slide from across the canyon.unnamed


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  1. Thanks for this Scott Moffat and for re-posting Kate. I lived for several years up at Timber Top and once owned the property that began at the waterfall just past Zad Levy’s, one place up from Bill Burleigh’s. Have some great stories about that wonderful road if anyone is interested.

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